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Falconcity of Wonders is an iconic project in Dubai that ties the past, present and future in a single thread. Covering over 41 Million sq. ft of land, it is designed to host a vast variety of sub-projects, including residential villa communities, luxury hotel apartments, a theme park, a mall, a business centre, World Wonders that will be great tourist attractions along with many more offerings.

Falconcity of Wonders is considered to be one of the most progressive project of the emirate, bringing traditional values close to modern technology through design and engineering. These monuments are carefully crafted and well-defined from ground up, finely detailed at every corner and envisaged to be a symbol of pride for everyone associated with it.

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From the Chairman's Desk


"Inspired by the visionary leaders of this land, Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises (SAAE) was established in 1975 to complement, collaborate and contribute to the efforts of these great minds. Since then, we have been standing at the helm of change for the last 4 decades, pioneering and engineering innovative methods and techniques to achieve what is otherwise considered impossible.

Our spirit and dedication has made us one of the most sought-after international enterprise that specializes in various sectors including real estate development, interior design, retail, project management, management consultancy, business training, travel and tourism and many more.

The force behind our success is a diverse group of dedicated professionals and craftsmen who have a laser-sharp focus on our mission and goals. Partnering with them has enabled us to offer our world-class services, technology solutions and smart investment opportunities to clients from around the world.

Falconcity of Wonders is our largest venture till date, an upscale mixed-use property project comprising of residential, commercial, retail, tourism and hospitality avenues that are designed to be a class apart.

With large picturesque residential communities, wonders from around the world, an expansive shopping mall and numerous commercial complexes all in one place, Falconcity of Wonders LLC will pivot Dubai towards the vision of our esteemed leadership of making Dubai the investment capital of the world."

Salem Ahmad Almoosa




Falconcity's vision is in line with the emirate's progressive plans. The development is poised to be the landmark mega-project in Dubai that is designed to offer luxury residential and hospitality avenues, along with retail districts, education zones, business parks and the iconic wonders, recreated with a modern twist.

This will be achieved through the highest quality standards of the real estate industry while building a credible name in the market as well as strong relationships.


Falconcity's Mission is to positively transform the Dubai landscape through modern iconic projects that are designed and developed with the highest quality standards along with the aim to create a community of cultures and ideas.


Falconcity is built on trust. As a well-renowned and respected local real estate brand that has seen the shifting sands of time, the values that govern and guide us are humble yet inspiring.

Quality & Professionalism
Enterprising & Sharp
Community & Generosity
Honesty & Fairness
Reliability & Responsibility