Fundamentals supporting the UAE’s hospitality market

No doubt that the UAE today is one of the leading luxury destinations in the world, boasting a highly attractive hospitality sector that caters to the diverse needs of tourists from across the world. An array of factors, including economic, environmental, transportation and social and cultural aspects play important roles in the performance of the country’s hospitality sector. 

A significant contributor to the UAE’s economy and a major employer, the hospitality sector continues to draw strength from the rising demand from tourists looking for world-class experiences. That’s not all, the UAE provides a comforting and soothing environment to tourists, thanks to its planning structure that has successfully incorporated this aspect to the offerings; thereby adding various improvements that attract tourists on a wide scale every year.

In terms of social and cultural aspect, the exposure to tourists provides domestic communities with opportunities to interact with individuals from different backgrounds with distinct lifestyles. Such interactions present a wide range of cultural and social events before native people.

Expert city planners and tourism authorities have developed the most sustainable modes of transportation for tourists in the UAE, which has contributed to boosting tourist arrivals. Given this, it comes as no surprise that hospitality has become the backbone of the country’s tourism sector.