Top tech trends in UAE's construction sector

Like anywhere else in the world, technological advancements have swept all sectors in UAE, one of which is the growing construction industry. Construction firms have been among the early adopters of next-generation technologies. They have embraced innovations like no other in an effort to take the industry to new heights in the age of digital transformation.

Many modern tools have influenced the regional construction industry, transforming the design and operations of many facilities and structures according to contemporary needs and requirements.

The 3D technology is one of these advanced devices. This technology is used by the industry to reduce costs, promote environmental sustainability, and come up with more flexible and innovative designs.

Another is building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is designed to address common issues facing any construction project, including budget, timeline, and quality control. More and more companies have been integrating this technology to transform every element of buildings and structures.

Construction businesses are becoming more and more automated. From the initial planning stages to operation and maintenance, automation is slowly becoming the norm in the industry. It is no surprise then that we see buildings equipped with sensors, among other tools.

Finally, wearables are a form of an innovative technology that continues to shape the construction community. They are capable of collecting and analyzing data that can be utilized to improve health and safety standards in all construction sites.

Amid continued digital revolution, many more technologies are expected to disrupt the industry and a number of companies in the region are already poised to deploy key tools critical to enhance existing norms and practices to achieve exponential growth.