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Water and Electricity Conservation Competition in Falconcity of Wonders

Dubai-UAE: 20 May 2015; Falconcity of Wonders along with DEWA started a competition for the residents of Western Residence South, to help save our mother nature by conservation of water and electricity. The lowest consumers will be awarded with fabulous prizes.

Help Save Our Mother Nature by Participating in Falconcity of Wonders Water & Electricity Conservation Competition.

All you need to do is:

Apply for participation in FCW City Hall Office Villa WR 12-13 (with your ID and Title Deed / Tenancy Contract)
Fill up a form - Provide us with your DEWA account number

Categories ( by BUA sqft )

1st category: below 3000 sqft (2BR Townhouses and 2 BR Townhouses Semidetached)
2nd category: 3000 – 4000 sqft (3BR Townhouses, 4BR Townhouses and 4BR Townhouses Semidetached)
3rd category: 4000- 5000 sqft (3BR Semidetached)
4th category: 5000 – 6000 sqft (4BR Semidetached and 5BR Semidetached)
5th category: above 6000 sqft (4BR Detached and 5BR Detached)

Awards for each category

The lowest DEWA consumers will be awarded:

1st category – AED 1000
2nd category – AED 2000
3rd category – AED 2500
4th category – AED 3000
5th category – AED 3500
*This Competition is Limited to Falconcity Residents.


• The reduction of 7% or more of the consumption of electricity and 7% or more of the consumption of water from your residential premises.

• Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted; also it will be the right of the jury to withhold or cancel any of the various award categories in the absence of required documents / compliance to conditions.

• Please note: Registration and Participation is open for Falconcity of Wonders residents only.

• Premises need to be occupied for more than one year.

• The competition starts on June 1st 2015 ends August 31st 2015

• The winners will be announced on September 10th 2015 at our website www.falconcity.com

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