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A Step Closer to the Residents and Customers
Falconcity of Wonders Customer Service Department Goes Online

Dubai-UAE: 8 July 2015; Falconcity of Wonders has always placed its customers at the top of its priorities. Therefore, it has brought its services live online, so all customers can save their time and efforts by using a smooth, efficient and friendly interface for online services. As “Smart Dubai” initiative aims to put the cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of clients, FCW has rolled out their online customer service department to have their customers fill in inquiry forms, or residents apply for requests from the comfort of their homes.

http://customerservice.falconcity.com is the website where everything Falconcity residents and customers need, as the website provides easy access to multiple inquiries and requests including: Enquiry Form, Second NOC Request for Amendment, NOC for Title Deed, Maintenance Request, Add/Replace Mortgage, Immigration NOC and NOC for Interim Registration.

Falconcity keeps providing ways to facilitate its residents’ requirements, “We are always looking for ways to reach out to our customers with effective systems and processes.” commented the Chairman and General Manager H.E. Salem Almoosa on this initiative. “With this initiative, we plan to shape a beneficial route that will help us service our customers better.”

To make the best use of technology in serving all customers, the web application is developed to be responsive and accessible on any device.

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