The once-upon-a-time New Project in Dubai are now navigating through recipe books to learn new dishes under lockdowns. Wanderlust, the urge to travel around the globe, has turned in to curiosity about oneself and people are taking an inward journey for a change. This is 2020. A global pandemic has changed many things, perhaps forever.

But one industry that had just picked up steam in the recent decade or two, is hit the hardest – the Tourism Industry. While social media timelines in the recent past have been full of photos of our friends and families at distant and exotic locations, it is hard to fathom the fact that today it is a very different picture – planes are grounded, plans are cancelled and people are behind closed doors for months now.

But as glum as the scenario looks, this will soon change. When restrictions are eased, skies become busy, and traveling is pleasure again, we will witness the biggest boom in the tourism industry ever. This will not only uplift businesses to new heights, but also boost country economies exponentially. As a ripple-effect, the hospitality industry will also see a tremendous rise in occupancy. And this will be facilitated with the availability of quality serviced hotel apartments in the region.

However, the next phase is going to look a little different as the pandemic has introduced many changes to the industry, with some big names already offering ‘Staycation’ facilities to its guests. Some of the best hotel apartments have adapted to this new business model too.  Currently, the Emirate of Dubai offers the largest number of room keys in the UAE with 127,000 rooms. With the new project in Dubai, this number is set to go up to 151,000 in the coming years. Hotel apartments in Dubai have been quite a hit recently as families and even single travelers find it easier to live in these serviced rooms.

While frequent economic travelers had plenty of options for staying, the niche travelers who preferred a touch of luxury and comfort, didn’t have anything to choose from, in this particular category of serviced rooms. To fill this gap, Falconcity, a trusted and well-known local developer, has designed an exceptional luxury serviced hotel apartment project.

SAAM Vega is the masterful recreation of the ancient pyramids, crafted to meet the needs of a modern travelers. It will offer 442 stylized luxury apartments to its investors and guests. Catered to meet all the needs of entrepreneurs, style icons, personalities from entertainment, sports and other well known industries, it is going to be a landmark hospitality destination that will enthrall and enamor everyone with its charm and wonder.

Create beautiful memories for a lifetime