Great success stories stand on solid foundations. Write yours with Falconcity today.

Falconcity offers you an exceptional opportunity to design and build your own personal wonder, your way. Falconcity plots come backed with the trusted name of Falconcity of Wonders L.L.C, a mega-project par excellence at the heart of Dubai.

The spacious plots offer more than just a piece of land. They are your ground for growth and your space for success. So, on a land so precious as gold, what would you begin building?

New York

A buoyant and enthusiastic city begins with a bold vision. And New York City plot has the potential to become one of the busiest districts with iconic restaurants, landmarks, museums and so much more. It can be the next big cultural hotspot, catering to entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers and visionaries who are on a constant endeavour to do things differently, to break the status quo and make a mark for themselves.

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