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A mega-project
par excellence

Falconcity of Wonders is a sprawling over 41 million sq. ft. mixed-use mega-project that is designed to build a global community of ideas and culture that engages and inspires people from around the world. It is truly a 'global home' for its residents, who look for an exceptional lifestyle in the bustling emirate of Dubai.

The residential spaces are exceptionally planned and complement the best-in-class amenities offered with these spacious homes, provided at an accessible price point. Being a mega-development par excellence, our prime focus is the confluence of community, technology and sustainability, all crucial avenues in the today's fast-moving world, improving the lives of our residents. Our objective is to deliver communities that complement Dubai's trendy life, and to aid in its transformation to become truly a global city.

Our Western Residence residential community is our first milestone in fulfilling our goal, generating significant interest from various stakeholders, including investors, end users, partners in both the private and public sector.

The Masterplan


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Exceptional and unique venture options available

One of the key factors that makes an investment worthwhile, is its ability to offer a rewarding ROI. Precisely why, Falconcity aims to attract a large number of investors through its unique project designs ranging from residential villas, commercial towers to luxury hotel apartments.

Western Residence villas are more than just exquisite residential spaces. These growth-focused assets are designed to meet your long-term investment goals with an appreciating ROI.