The Great Wall

Imagine your self jogging on top of one of the greatest walls ever built, stretching from one side of the Falconcity theme park to the other. It will be higher than a 3 story building and stretching over 1700 Meters, keep in mind that an Olympic jogging track is 400 meters. So if you jog from one side to the other and back once a day, it is as if you have jogged an Olympic jogging track 8.5 times. The Great Wall will also act as a buffer zone between the theme park and the residential area. Therefore when adrenalin rush addicts are having fun ridding the double looped rollercoaster’s and they are having fun, the noise generated will be blocked by the high wall and as a result people resting at home will not feel or get bothered by them. The Great Wall is another attraction at the Falconcity of wonders that all visitors and residents must see.

the wonders

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