The expectations and needs of mostly tech-savvy tourists of today have evolved tremendously alongside the rapid advancements in digital innovations. Next-generation technologies have empowered them to create and choose the kind of travel experience that they want in a manner that was not available to them in the past.

This is evidenced by the rising popularity of digital and self-service options within the tourism and hospitality sectors. There is also a growing consolidation of many global hotel brands not only to increase their market share but also to strengthen their capacity to further enhance the experience of customers.

Amid these developments, one may be tempted to ask: Is human touch now obsolete in the tourism and hospitality sectors? Can technologies effectively eliminate the need for human connection as more and more guests turn to the latest digital tools for their demands?

While technology may have transformed the experience of almost all travellers, nothing still beats the old-fashioned human-to-human interaction. Figures and reports on the ground suggest that travellers, social creatures that they are, still seek out human assistance when faced with an issue. Technology can perform tasks faster than humans, but only humans can extend genuine empathy and real concern to the guests.

If anything, technology and human staff complement each other to bring customer experience to the next level. Their roles are closely intertwined that one cannot completely remove the other from the equation of excellent customer service. Implementing the right balance will help drive loyalty and success for the brand.

Ultimately, for a more meaningful experience, services coming from both people and technology matter for a guest who is looking to make new treasured experiences and create memories for keeps.

SAAM Vega an iconic project in Falconcity, is a modern marvel that meets this fine balance of digital and human touch as it integrates smart systems with the warmth of real hospitality.

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