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Commercial Property in Dubai: Should you invest?

Real estate has always been considered a safe, long-term investment for stable returns. However, a crucial decision to make to ensure the most favorable results, is the market that one may choose to invest in. The years have shown that Dubai remains a strong option in this sense, with consistently strong returns on investments in


Dubai’s luxury home market: What to expect in 2022?

Dubai is the epitome of luxurious living. High-net-worth individuals and affluent families come to the city to see and experience what it has to offer. Known as the glamour hub of the world, the emirate continues to attract the interest of the global elite. Many people flock to Dubai for several reasons. One of which


How to save for your first home down payment

Purchasing your first home is a significant milestone, but it is also a huge financial commitment. Many UAE residents who wish to buy property have found the biggest challenge to be saving for the down payment. However, the Central Bank of the UAE has reduced the loan-to-value ratio for first time homebuyers this year, thereby


Real estate negotiation tips for 2022

Being able to ask for and get what you want is a rare skill that can serve you in many areas of life. In real estate, it is the difference between making a perfect deal or a big disaster.   However, negotiation is not just an art but a science as well. Like any art, it


سالم الموسى: علمني راشد أن الحياة عطاء

  أنجبت دبي رجالات حملوا على عاتقهم مسؤولية بنائها، وتكللت مسيرة حياتهم بمحطات ملهمة، وإنجازات متميزة، وعطاء دائم، تروي آمالهم في صناعة التميز لبلادهم، وهو ما دأب على تحقيقه بطل حكايتنا اليوم، سالم أحمد الموسى، الذي بدأ بسرد قصته بعبارة «أنا من إنتاج مدرسة راشد». ولد سالم الموسى عام 1948 م، ونشأ في


How technology is transforming home inspection

Technology has changed the game in real estate, transforming the industry’s processes and enhancing the overall selling and buying experience. During home inspections, it has brought to the next level how one examines a home’s physical structures and systems. Virtual tours, for instance, are a growing trend.  This virtual visual home inspection enables inspectors to


Life the Way it is Meant to Be; A New Standard of Unrivaled Quality

Falconcity Of Wonders is a community unlike any other. Drawing on futuristic elements and exceptional standards, our vision was to create something completely new, focused on quality residences that reflect value while maintaining luxury. The Villas reflect worldly culture combined with cutting edge technology, design, and engineering. Exclusive Features: With a vast treasury of luxury


Path towards success: Continuing education in real estate

Like in any other industry, continual learning is essential in the real estate industry. There is always something to learn in the ever-changing property landscape, from new market trends to emerging buyer preferences to the latest technologies and strategies.   Agents and brokers, new and veteran professionals alike, will do well in the field if


How does supply and demand affect real estate sector?

Balancing supply and demand key to real estate sustainability; boost investment     Real estate, like any other sector, is totally dependent on the principle of supply and demand. This means the prices of homes or any other real estate, like those of stocks and bonds, increases when there is more demand and decreases when

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