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Sustained growth in Dubai’s properties industry: Why large numbers of foreign buyers are attracted to the emirate

June 28th, 2020|Categories: Falconcity of Wonders|

The performance of the properties industry in the emirate of Dubai has gone from strength to strength over the last several years, witnessing sustained growth as the market continues to attract more foreign buyers

Artificial Intelligence making waves in hospitality industry

February 19th, 2020|Categories: Dubai|

In this era of digital disruption, text-based personal assistants, voice-activated speaker systems, or chatbots have made their way into our homes and even our pockets. By driving efficiency in our day-to-day lives, these devices

How hotel apartments can adapt to market shifts in 2020 & beyond

February 18th, 2020|Categories: SAAM Vega|

Technological advancements and other developments have made their impacts on the hospitality sector, just like their influences on other industries. Therefore, constantly adapting to evolving trends and developments is very essential to meet and

Hotel apartments among hottest trends in luxury hotel sector

January 30th, 2020|Categories: SAAM Vega|

Luxury hotel apartments have arrived. Offering prestige and a home away from home, hotel apartments continue to grow in prominence and generate healthy interest from developers and investors alikeThe luxury hotel apartment segment today