Off Plan Projects have been quite in 2020 year. Not only did the world see the effects of an unseen proportion and scale caused by an invisible virus, everyone realized what it is like to invest right, spend smart and plan ahead of time. The Latest Off Plan Projects located in Falconcity help you do just that.

The property market has become favorable for the buyer now more than ever, as prices shrink, investors with a budget have a wider variety to choose from, favorable laws are passed that come with a lot of benefits, landlords are providing increased incentives for tenants, including rent free periods and favorable payment structures. And off-plan properties are an absolute gold mine right now.

Be it residential or hospitality, a future-focused development that is designed to draw a high ROI, a stable income or simply be an investment for generations, much like the projects hosted in Falconcity, should be the first choice for anyone looking to make the best of the current investor-friendly market scenario.

Eastern Residence by Alhamah Janoob Real Estate Development – a luxury villa project at the heart of new Dubai, is one of the most awaited new project in Dubai. It will offer a premium community living with its collection of exquisite gated villas, amidst a lush green surrounding that is safe and clean, replete with all the modern amenities including a hypermarket, fitness club, a mosque, a pharmacy, a nursery and a food-court. While other potential projects in Dubai may not offer all this under one name, Eastern Residence will bring a new era of community living in the region.

SAAM Vega by SAAM Pyramid Real Estate Development LLC, the another magnanimous hospitality project, is an ancient wonder, reborn as a modern marvel. It ties the past, present and the future together with handpicked ancient elements, offering an amazing experience today, designed to be a brilliant long-term investment. The stunning interiors and the breathtaking exterior facade will not only add a new landmark in the dynamic Dubai skyline, but will also offer a great retreat for guests and amazing returns for investors.

While the list of projects by Dubai offers a peculiar insight into how the emirate wants to be the next investment destination of the world, projects in Dubai such as Eastern Residence and SAAM Vega will push boundaries and create history for the emirate.

Create beautiful memories for a lifetime