Falconcity is a unique destination in Dubai. Covered over an expanse of 41 Million Sq. Ft., it has avenues in residential, retail, commercial, entertainment and hospitality, adding numerous icons of marvel to the dynamic Dubai skyline. Falconcity will also host some of the most enthralling and well-known World Wonders, masterfully recreated in Dubai. These purpose-built monuments of wonder will not preserve the timeless heritage structures, but also become excellent tourist destination attracting millions of tourist each year, boosting the tourism industry of the emirate.

Falconcity of Wonders LLC is a trusted name in the real estate industry, it was envisaged to be a world in a city. With people from all walks of life, every culture, every industry, entrepreneurs, businessmen, celebrities, families, all living and working in a single place. Being a Leading Real Estate Destination of Emirate, the project is being built to turn Dubai into an investment capital of the world. With countless attractive offers across Dubai, this stands out because of its sheer magnitude and scale.

Currently, two independent projects are in progress located in Falconcity; SAAM Vega, by SAAM Pyramid Real Estate Development LLC, a premium hospitality destination, will be the newest fully-serviced hotel apartments of the emirate that will bring an ancient marvel to life, the pyramids. The other one, Eastern Residence by Alhamah Janoob Real Estate Development, a verdant and vibrant residential community, that will offer 680 spacious villas that will redefine community living forever in the region.

Falconcity, due to its scale, varied investment avenues, and the trusted name, is the only premium real estate destination in Dubai that is standing at the helm of a new era in real estate.

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