To thrive during and after the pandemic, a new model and way of doing business will have to emerge within the hospitality sector to spur the much-needed activities within the industry without compromising the health and safety of all tourists, workers and other stakeholders. New practices and systems should replace the old ones that have been rendered obsolete by the global health crisis.

The industry has undoubtedly learned new lessons from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), prompting it to adapt to the new reality amid expectations that business operations under the so-called ‘new norm’ are expected to gain momentum soon.

How should the industry react now? There are many varied ways to transform, and one of them is incorporating a plan effectively responding to a crisis of this magnitude into a hotel’s risk assessment strategies moving forward. Hotel establishments are seen to adopt more effective solutions to unprecedented challenges such as the ones brought about by the pandemic and implement flexible safety measures as a response. Different approaches and attitudes will give the industry the upper hand as well as help develop its resiliency and capability to face future emergencies and crises.

Hotels are enjoined as well to cultivate and nurture a new style of proactive leadership capable of supporting efforts to recover revenue and profit losses and increase cash flows. These can be achieved by utilizing innovative approaches that can offer the fastest returns on investment. Strong leadership is the key to achieving business growth despite the present market conditions as well as to taking strategic actions vital to reassessing and meeting new operational needs and procedures.

Another urgent need is how to keep the teams’ morale high amid uncertainties. Keeping them motivated and assured in times of crises such as this pandemic will enable any hotel to win the loyalty of the best and most skilled talents in the market and result in the renewed sense of commitment among its employees. More than ever, taking care of a business’ core people, even during a pandemic, will yield great dividends in the long-term.

Transforming a hotel business also entails sustaining a better brand imaging and reputation. During the COVID-19 crisis, a hotel establishment will be remembered best for its actions and responses in terms of helping alleviate the plight of the affected people. Future potential guests are expected to support hotels that have shown great empathy and expressed solidarity with the local communities.

The pandemic has greatly affected the hospitality industry. As it makes transformative changes, fresh opportunities not previously seen before are expected to be brought into the fore as the industry becomes more creative and innovative to regain its equilibrium and flourish.

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