There is one final step that must be taken care of before a tenant makes themselves comfortable and settles into their new home. A document known as the move-in checklist, also known as the apartment inspection checklist, or the rental walkthrough checklist.

Essentially, this checklist functions as a protective document that allows both landlords and tenants to state the current condition of the property. A thorough examination is conducted to note the condition of items and rooms in the house or apartment. This would dubai classifieds doors, hardware, locks, windows, window coverings and blinds, floors, ceilings, lighting, electrical outlets, AC, fire alarm, smoke detectors, walls, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and the dining area.

For landlords, providing this checklist during the move-in process will allow them to hold the tenant accountable for any damages to the unit that go beyond the expected wear and tear. It also allows them to hold previous tenants accountable for any damage they may have caused while living in the space. Further, the checklist serves as a notice that informs the tenant regarding the condition the property is expected to be found in when they leave.

For tenants, the checklist helps them evaluate and record the condition of the property during the move in process. It ensures that landlords and property managers keep the units in good condition and identify items that need to be repaired. It also reduces the risk of the landlord trying to charge the tenant for damage that existed prior to the tenant moving in.

Ultimately, the purpose of creating this checklist is to document that the property has been inspected by both the landlord and the tenant in the presence of one another. It helps identify items that require maintenance or repairs, while also recording the condition of the property when the tenant takes possession, allowing for smoother interaction, and a happier stay.