Beauty is inherent to everything that comes from the shores of Morocco. So the Moroccan Mansion at Falconcity is no exception as it carries the style, the beauty and the enigma that makes an ordinary villa into a profoundly special home.

From the exquisite design aesthetics to the subtle elements, this villa from the land of timeless tales will enchant and enthrall anyone who sees it because of the vibrant atmosphere and a wealth of colour and life.

The architecture takes a minimal approach to adapt to the peculiarities of Dubai’s contemporary culture and complements the modern society that is the heart of the region. This greatly avoids reproducing archetypes of these traditional designs, allowing you to have a trademark style of villa and own something truly unique, both in terms of experience and lifestyle. The simplicity of the design discretely resonates with the extreme sophistication of the entire structure, creating an ageless home for generations.

Key Features