Modern homes are lavish living spaces that form an integral part of a family today. The New World villas at Falconcity perfectly personify a contemporary lifestyle of a modern family as they optimize and maximize space usage while offering exclusive amenities to meet the needs of everyone.

The influences are obvious from the American-themed villas found in Florida and Chicago, making it more future-friendly. Designed with a unique purpose of maximizing the living spaces, it exudes style, luxury and elaborate details, offering exquisite and spacious 3, 4, & 5-bedroom villas.

Villa sales in Dubai

Elegant finishing and subtle colors offer a wide canvas that helps you create beautiful memories, turning a house into your home. With a large modern kitchen for hosting friends, spacious living rooms to bring the family together and the green patches of the community areas for social gatherings, make it the perfect urbane home for you and your loved ones.

Key Features