Residential Plots at Falconcity are sprawling land areas that offer investors an opportunity of a lifetime. They are not just smartly priced, but also come with the freedom to design your own dream home, without any predefined restrictions. So you can choose your own design, material as well as interiors.

Additionally, as a part of Falconcity of Wonders master project, the residential plot spaces enjoy the privilege of being a part of a private villa community, full of world-class amenities. It comes nestled amongst a state-of-the-art gymnasium, to a full-fledged foodcourt with a number of different restaurants, a sprawling hypermarket, a community health club, common green areas, swimming pools and a premium sit-down coffee shop and a library.


Commercial Plots at Falconcity will redefine the business landscape of the region. Created to cater to the unlimited and unrestricted commercial opportunities offered by Dubai today, these expansive spaces are designed to hold contemporary business parks, stylish commercial complexes, factories and industrial warehouses as well as any other large-scale capital ventures.

Backed by the trusted name of Falconcity, Commercial Plots will cut a niche in the business landscape of Dubai with these expansive spaces, giving birth to a new industrial era of the modern times.


Hospitality Plots at Falconcity reimagine the refined hotel, food and beverage industry from the core. Known to be the creators of the most iconic hotel apartments of Dubai, SAAM Vega, the spacious and unique Hospitality Plots at Falconcity offer expansive spaces for a hotel project of any scale, size and magnitude.

Privileged to have stunning views in every direction, being centrally located and having all other business and leisure avenues with an easy reach, we ensure these plots are a premium investment for those who wish to be a cut above the rest when it comes to hospitality.

Old Dubai

A land that is so rich in culture, traditions and hospitality, can be nothing less than a historic place of monumental significance. This is where you can build Old Dubai, recreating the magic of a civilization that has seen the shifting sands of time and turned dust into gold.


This is Old Beirut, a mesmerizing place that is filled with memories of a time gone by. So build your own monument of marvel on this land, to be cherished for ages. Because what you build today, will become a nostalgic memory, generations later.

New York

A buoyant and enthusiastic city begins with a bold vision. And New York City plot has the potential to become one of the busiest districts with iconic restaurants, landmarks, museums and so much more. It can be the next big cultural hotspot, catering to entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers and visionaries who are on a constant endeavour to do things dierently, to break the status quo and make a mark for themselves.