Hotel Apartments – A Smart Investment Choice in 2020?

Smart Investment Choice With 2020 turning out to be quite a year, there are several questions lingering over the real estate market today. For one, should the current situation be seen as an opportunity or a warning? Secondly, if it is presumed to be an opportunity, what would be a good investment choice in

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Rules of successful real estate investing

Once you have set your eyes on the real estate market, the first step would be to gain more clarity on your investment goals. Yes, defining clear and specific investment goals is the initial step towards becoming financially independent. Writing down specific and detailed goals makes you far more likely to achieve financial independence, say

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How hotel apartments can adapt to market shifts in 2020 & beyond

Technological advancements and other developments have made their impacts on the hospitality sector, just like their influences on other industries. Therefore, constantly adapting to evolving trends and developments is very essential to meet and exceed increasing customer demands. Today’s guests are on the lookout for better experiences, so businesses need to stay on top of

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Hotel apartments among hottest trends in luxury hotel sector

Luxury hotel apartments have arrived. Offering prestige and a home away from home, hotel apartments continue to grow in prominence and generate healthy interest from developers and investors alikeThe luxury hotel apartment segment today provides developers and investors with attractive price premiums on top of significant sales volume amid robust demand. But what makes hotel

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