The performance of the properties industry in the emirate of Dubai has gone from strength to strength over the last several years, witnessing sustained growth as the market continues to attract more foreign buyers thanks to a solid economy and its excellent growth potential. The increased buyer confidence in Dubai properties and the significant increase in purchases, in terms of both quality and quantity, are positive indicators for further growth in the years ahead; while the market continues to demonstrate high levels of flexibility in meeting foreign buyers’ requirements – particularly new investors from abroad seeking to purchase property according to their requirements.

Dubai appeals to foreign buyers because of its long-term investment story and the abundance of relatively affordable luxury homes that continue being developed. The advantages of the Dubai property market align also with the investment expectations of foreign buyers, with freehold ownership, high rental yields, affordability and tax-free investments all extremely appealing factors.

Foreign buyers are well-educated in the importance of location. Essentially, the location of one’s property determines the value of the investment and its safety. Properties in prime areas of the city are able to maintain their value regardless of tough market conditions and Dubai has garnered lot prominence among the foreign buyers over the last few years in terms of awareness and knowledge about the benefits available to foreign investors. As a result, they inquire about investment opportunities in the emirate in large numbers, especially the property sector.

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