Soaring higher in the Dubai property skyline

Across the ages, Dubai is known for its resilience and adaptability to change. This has proven right, yet again, as the city has started to move beyond the pandemic in a number of ways. With the schools opening up alongside malls and move halls amongst every health and safety precaution, there is one industry

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Sustained growth in Dubai’s properties industry: Why large numbers of foreign buyers are attracted to the emirate

The performance of the properties industry in the emirate of Dubai has gone from strength to strength over the last several years, witnessing sustained growth as the market continues to attract more foreign buyers thanks to a solid economy and its excellent growth potential. The increased buyer confidence in Dubai properties and the significant increase

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Game changing trends impacting today’s hospitality industry

Like many other industries in this era, hospitality industry has been witnessing tremendous changes and disruptions over the last decade. Being an extremely competitive industry, keeping up with the latest trends is an important priority for hospitality players in order to stay ahead in the competition. This helps them constantly enhance customer experience as well.

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