Falconcity Of Wonders is a community unlike any other. Drawing on futuristic elements and exceptional standards, our vision was to create something completely new, focused on quality residences that reflect value while maintaining luxury. The Villas reflect worldly culture combined with cutting edge technology, design, and engineering.

Exclusive Features:

With a vast treasury of luxury amenities to choose from, Falconcity Of Wonders residential gated-community offers value from every perspective.

The scope of this project exceeds previous developments of this nature, making it the first of its kind to combine scale and luxury.

Villas at Falconcity Of Wonders are planned with every detail considered and every need of the homeowner predicted. While using the finest amenities available, these expansive homes are available at reasonable prices, to provide exceptional value without compromising affordability.  When this development was created it had three priorities; community, technology and sustainability.  This focus allowed us to consider the important values of our future residents and to design with a forward-thinking mindset for a fast-paced world.

The goal of this development is to provide a community that is synchronistic with the lifestyle of Dubai and to contribute to its recognition as a state-of-the-art global metropolis.

Strategic Location:

This community can be accessed via Dubai’s well-maintained road network of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street.

Vibrant Cultural Community:

With current residents representing a kaleidoscope of diversity, there are more than 500 nationalities represented within the 2,000 contented families already enjoying the community.  It is a development that enhances the already culturally rich and worldly society of Dubai.

Refined Living:

Within the community some of the most state-of-the-art amenities and facilities can be found, including a gym, pool, and spa.  All available without ever leaving the development.  We understand our residents and their desire to live a balanced and active lifestyle, which is why there is also a tennis, squash, and basketball court readily available for residents and their guests.

Lush Greenery:

Sustainability is not just a marketing word for this development, it has been designed as a green community to positively enhance the lives of all who visit and live within the space.  There are generous eco-friendly areas specifically designed to provide a space for community gatherings and enjoyment.

Completed Infrastructure: 

Part of the futuristic considerations for this modern community was the addition of a sewage treatment plant, allowing it to manage its own waste and reduce its carbon footprint internally.