Discover the World of Wonders at Expo Dubai 2021

Expo Dubai 2021, the largest universal exhibition on earth, will be an opportunity of a lifetime. This event will shape the future of nations and set new benchmarks for international trade. The exhibition will create opportunities for businesses to achieve their potential, whether they are existing companies or start-ups, big or small. Expo Dubai 2021


Real estate investing: Why do it in your 20s

In the world of investing, they say that the earlier you start the better. The dividends are far greater if you begin early as opposed to starting late. This principle applies to all kinds of investments, including real estate. But property investing may perhaps be unthinkable for many young people in their 20s today, with


Where is the real opportunity in property investing today?

With the rapid changes taking place around the world today, including the still ongoing spread of COVID-19, markets are entering into uncharted environments. Considering the long-term value of property investments, identifying the trends that enable investors make the right choice comes with a set of criteria, no matter how uncertain times can be. The most


2021 Trends: What’s reshaping the real estate scene

The year 2021 marks a period when the real estate community is expected to aggressively push forward with new strategies that are more effective in a post-COVID-19 era. Foresight, agility and resiliency will all play a part in the industry’s significant transformation. However, amid its evolution, what will remain is its continuing sharp focus on


What are buyers looking for in a home?

Preferences and aspirations of home buyers are constantly changing and they like to make very informed decisions today, after analysing every aspect of the property. The internet makes it possible for anyone to make comparisons and assessments now, and therefore it is not surprising that home buyers are becoming more discerning. New generation home buyers



REAL ESTATE NEW PROJECT IN DUBAI 2021 – A COMMUNITY LIVING CRAFTED AROUND YOU Falconcity is a community that strikes the perfect balance between epic journey and relaxation. Falconcity residents have their own exclusive enclave. Garden and easy walking and cycling areas in the community allow families to mindfully appreciate nature and relaxed pace morning

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