Expo Dubai 2021, the largest universal exhibition on earth, will be an opportunity of a lifetime. This event will shape the future of nations and set new benchmarks for international trade. The exhibition will create opportunities for businesses to achieve their potential, whether they are existing companies or start-ups, big or small. Expo Dubai 2021 will connect nations on a global scale, creating shared economic benefits around the world.


Largest and most sophisticated commercial and cultural events in the world. Over 14 million visitors each year enjoy its record-setting 10 million square meters of covered space – all set against a stunning backdrop of the largest man-made water fountain show and largest indoor LED screen on earth! What will you find at Expo Dubai 2021? Look for fun, discovery, relaxation, and much more!


Welcome to Expo Dubai 2021.

Expo Dubai 2021 opens up a world full of new possibilities for everyone, bringing together people to share knowledge, break down barriers and inspire progress. Connect with a world of possibilities at Expo Dubai 2021, a crossroads for global exchange and a catalyst for progress, encouraging innovation through exchanging ideas, knowledge, and technology. Global organizations, businesses, governments, and industry experts will convene to answer humankind’s most pressing challenges.

The World is changing. Expo Dubai 2021 provides you with new opportunities to build your business on the biggest platform on earth. This ultimate global business stage gives you the chance to connect with more than 15 million visitors from around the world.

Expanding your horizons means opening doors, discovering experiences, and enlarging your world. At Expo Dubai 2021, you’ll find new opportunities to connect with others and make discoveries. We invite you to join us for an exciting adventure of the imagination that will advance the future of human development for you, your child, and society as a whole.


Discover Dubai With Dubai Expo 2021

Expo Dubai is the official destination for authentic Arab hospitality. Existing as a platform for economic growth and cultural understanding, Expo Dubai will curate an experience that celebrates the heritage of the Arab world while anticipating its future.

All our efforts and achievements are in building a modern and cohesive nation. The UAE has proven to be one of the fastest-growing economies globally, with a promising future that will only get better by 2021. Dubai is a hub of innovation and a progressive force in a new digital age. It’s a city that believes in the future and is willing to embrace it.

We believe in embracing every opportunity that comes our way. As a country that has embraced technology to serve our community better, we can lead the world again when we apply this same spirit of innovation and engagement to staging Expo Dubai 2021. Through our Emirati spirit of hospitality and innovation, we look forward to welcoming millions of visitors from around the world.