Explore whatever you want to learn about THE WORLD IN A CITY before you shift, from the living standard and usual travel time to the shopping centers and other facilities.

If you’re considering shifting to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, keep reading to discover more about the city.

You might be wondering how a community comes out on top. For obvious reasons, affordable restaurants and affordable educational institutes are important to young individuals attempting to build a career, gain more experience, find happiness, and stretch a still-meager paycheck.

Community with the Most Affordability

In the long run, saving money is always your first priority, whether you’re just building your career, a single young entrepreneur, or just starting a family. Ensure you live somewhere with fair living costs is one of the finest methods to help save money. We’ve some of the most cost-effective 5- & 6-BEDROOM VILLAS in Falconcity Of Wonders to assist you to avoid costly relocations.

This new community involves recreations of the world’s seven wonders, a distinctive tourist destination, business centers, sports stadiums, family parks, and educational establishments.

Falconcity Of Wonders Community

There are about 20 sub-communities in Falconcity Of Wonders. Housing properties cover an area of 1.3 million sq. ft. and are located over the center and also the left and right wings. Over 600 villas and townhomes have been developed to date.


Enjoy the benefits of living in a peaceful gated community that is set to become one of Dubai’s most preferred neighborhoods. Eastern Residences is a stunning collection of attractive, beautiful villas that provide a perfect blend of luxury and simplicity in gorgeous, natural, landscaped environments.

Very quiet, natural, garden, with large residences, huge parking space, and playgrounds for children. Gymnasium, swimming pool, running track, supermarket, pharmacy, and cafeteria are all available in the community center. It’s also in the heart of Dubai, making it incredibly convenient to get everywhere in the city in about 20 minutes.