Falconcity is a community that strikes the perfect balance between epic journey and relaxation. Falconcity residents have their own exclusive enclave. Garden and easy walking and cycling areas in the community allow families to mindfully appreciate nature and relaxed pace morning walks. Real estate new project in Dubai 2021 within Falconcity’s natural splendor, select the right balance for body and the mind.

New Projects in Dubai 2021 Conveniently Located with Easy Accessibility
A progressive city needs a progressive community. A community that values the intellect, heart, souls, and social interaction, while enlightening lives through a strong feeling of connection. A society that will evolve alongside Dubai and is founded on the belief that life, career, and play all have one similar thing: That is YOU.

SAAM VEGA – The Luxury hotel apartment in Dubai

With high-quality hotel apartments with 1 & 2 bedrooms fully serviced are available. As people arrive at the hotel apartment, the number one thing they notice is a big, elegant lobby. People can benefit from the concierge service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will enjoy a fun run on the well-maintained jogging tracks here. You can even freshen up after a long day at the office with an exercise regime in the luxurious gym. There is a lush outdoor space with many palm trees and seating in the comfortable private courtyard for people and a beautiful clean blue swimming pool and public parks for kids.

Eastern Residence – A Place To Live Peacefully
The EASTERN RESIDENCE provides Space with a great mix of modern design and amenities to create a luxurious home environment. It is connected to two major highways in Dubai, Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The parks and shopping center are also within walking distance. Everything required for a stable daily existence, such as schools, health clinics, supermarkets, shops, hotels, beauticians, dry cleaners, and so on, is available.

The demand for Real estate projects in Dubai 2021 is thriving, and it benefits both buyers and sellers. The industry, which is assisted by the ecosystem and upcoming developments, is expected to have a significant impact on Real estate in Dubai’s industry.