With the rapid changes taking place around the world today, including the still ongoing spread of COVID-19, markets are entering into uncharted environments. Considering the long-term value of property investments, identifying the trends that enable investors make the right choice comes with a set of criteria, no matter how uncertain times can be.

The most important and must be in the top of any investor’s list is the investment-grade location. Choosing the best locations are always rewarding, especially in uncertain times. It is important to remember that real estate is all about location. It is best to assess first if the property you are eyeing is in a strong position to benefit from the value of its location or area. A less attractive location may have lower rental value and easily attracts tenants. However, then top-class locations ease their rent, then your property will be in a tough position.

A solid quality infrastructure is also an important factor when considering investment. Your income through the property comes from the fact that it is bought net of repair, maintenance, and capital expenditure. If you invest in property that requires all these, then your gains will only be used up in meeting those needs, and further may even scare away future buyers or lenders.

The third factor is occupants’ capability to rent for the longer-term. In terms of long-term lease, properties that attract tenants from upper class market provide some level of assurance that your property will be rented by tenants with a good track record of paying and maintaining your property’s value.

Finally, timing determines opportunity. The best market timing is to buy when prices are stable, and never when it is on a cyclical high.