One question that persistently lingers throughout the entire life of an investor,
is WHEN would it a good time to venture into a project? Does waiting a little and then investing make more sense, or investing and then waiting for a while seem like the right choice? The only way to find out, would be to ink that deal.

This was so up till now. But modern times have changed the face of the investment industry, with a number of tools, studies and reports, as well as entire companies doing the ground work to look for the right investment opportunities on behalf of the discerning investors, predicting the precise time that makes it right to push that button.

One such study of the Dubai property landscape by a leading research company suggests that the time to own a piece of real estate in this modern metropolis is now. There are a number of factors responsible for this. Starting from the policies adopted by the UAE government during the worldwide pandemic, to the excellent offers by both banks and developers alike, make it a lucrative choice.

If we go by the numbers, there has been a total close to 2500 sales transactions worth $4.72Billion out of which almost 32% were for off-plan projects giving the overall market a 60% boost in real estate. This also includes hotel apartments.

Even though the world adopted itself to the “new normal”, property viewings went virtual and deals were signed on electronic mediums, nothing stopped the smart investors to ink the best deal.

Falconcity is a trusted Dubai-based developer that has a number of investment avenues – including Residential, Hospitality, Plots, Retail, Commercial and Entertainment.

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