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Hotel Apartments – A Smart Investment Choice in 2020?

Hotel Apartments sales in Smart Investment Choice With 2020 turning out to be quite a year, there are several questions lingering over the real estate market today. For one, should the current situation be seen as an opportunity or a warning? Secondly, if it is presumed to be an opportunity, what would be a


Boosting guest confidence and keeping the hospitality industry safe and secure

The hospitality industry is probably one of the most affected business by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic due to the temporary closure of some hotels and low occupancy rates for those which remained open. The implementation of precautionary measures aimed at maintaining the safety and security of the community has helped breathe in a new normal


Transforming hospitality business practices and processes amid COVID-19 ?

To thrive during and after the pandemic, a new model and way of doing business will have to emerge within the hospitality sector to spur the much-needed activities within the industry without compromising the health and safety of all tourists, workers and other stakeholders. New practices and systems should replace the old ones that


Buying a home during COVID-19: Is it a smart move?

The year 2020 has brought in great uncertainties. The still raging coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has reduced people’s mobility and threatened their health and job security, among others, with some are left wondering if now is the right time to purchase their dream home. The effects of the pandemic on one’s ability to make


Humans vs technology: what matters more for tech-savvy travellers?

The expectations and needs of mostly tech-savvy tourists of today have evolved tremendously alongside the rapid advancements in digital innovations. Next-generation technologies have empowered them to create and choose the kind of travel experience that they want in a manner that was not available to them in the past. This is evidenced by the rising


Sustained growth in Dubai’s properties industry: Why large numbers of foreign buyers are attracted to the emirate

The performance of the properties industry in the emirate of Dubai has gone from strength to strength over the last several years, witnessing sustained growth as the market continues to attract more foreign buyers thanks to a solid economy and its excellent growth potential. The increased buyer confidence in Dubai properties and the significant increase

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Rules of successful real estate investing

Once you have set your eyes on the real estate market, the first step would be to gain more clarity on your investment goals. Yes, defining clear and specific investment goals is the initial step towards becoming financially independent. Writing down specific and detailed goals makes you far more likely to achieve financial independence,


Artificial Intelligence making waves in hospitality industry

In this era of digital disruption, text-based personal assistants, voice-activated speaker systems, or chatbots have made their way into our homes and even our pockets. By driving efficiency in our day-to-day lives, these devices simplify and add convenience to most tasks and even help with decision-making to a great extent. Everyday objects are being linked


How hotel apartments can adapt to market shifts in 2020 & beyond

Technological advancements and other developments have made their impacts on the hospitality sector, just like their influences on other industries. Therefore, constantly adapting to evolving trends and developments is very essential to meet and exceed increasing customer demands. Today’s guests are on the lookout for better experiences, so businesses need to stay on top of


Millennials warming up to property investments in Dubai

Millennials were not among buyers or investors in Dubai’s property market until recently, as most of them preferred renting to owning a home, thanks to the high barriers to entry market entry such as affordability and larger down payments. Even now, they constitute only a small per cent of property purchasers in the emirate. However,

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